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Services at Two Bean Quilts

Long Arm Quilting Services

I have been long arming quilts for almost 20 years, I have learned so much in this time and continue to learn more every day and with every quilt. I take pride in what I do and do my absolute best to quilt your tops with the best stitching my machines allow and with all your desires in mind. I have two computerized long arm machines because I am no longer physically able to hand guide, which I miss so much! I am grateful and honored that so many people have allowed me to work on their quilts. We have over 3000 quilting patterns to choose from and if we don't have something you like, we are willing to order in new patterns, you pay for half the cost of a new pattern. Our rates vary from .024/sq inch to .038/sq inch. Please call to discuss what you desire and rates. We strive to get your quilts back to you in as quick a manner as possible and will work even harder for rush quilts. Rush quilts will have an additional fee of .001/ sq inch.

Other Services Offered by Two Bean Quilts

We also will do quilt repairs. Do you have that truly loved quilt that is wearing out? We may be able to give it a new lease on life! Quilt repairs need to be discussed in person with the quilt present, there's so much that goes into them and some quilts just can't be repaired, but we may have some ideas to help you preserve them and keep them on display, but not usable. Stop in with any questions, if you prefer, call ahead to make sure Alisa will be in the shop.

Custom made quilts and T-shirt quilts.

We can make custom quilts, you pick the pattern and fabrics, we will put it together for you. Stop in with any questions you may have. Please be aware, custom-made quilts are not a quick thing, they take time, sometimes several months, so plan ahead. If you need a quick gift idea, we have numerous quilts for sale in the shop.

T-shirt quilts: We would love to take your T-shirts and make them into a lasting memory quilt. Cost varies by size or quilt desired and number of shirts used. Please stop by or call and talk to Alisa for more information.
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